C. Raman Schlemmer

C. Raman Schlemmer, is the curator and keeper of The Oskar Schlemmer Theatre Estate and Archives, Bühnen Archiv Oskar Schlemmer. He has been a driving force behind the first Oskar Schlemmer retrospectives in the USA, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, and exhibitions in major museums around the world on the Bauhaus, the avant-garde dance movements and contemporary art. He has written prolifically on the subject of his grandfather’s life and artistic legacy. He reads from the diaries and letters of Oskar Schlemmer in museums and theatres and revives with musicians, mask and period images the performance of Schlemmer’s Bauhaus Dances.

C. Raman Schlemmer shares his unequivocal expertise on the œuvre of Oskar Schlemmer, his avant-garde cotemporaries and the Bauhaus in museums, academic institutions and music festivals as guest lecturer internationally, and is regularly invited as Guest Professor to universities in Europe, the US, Japan and China. C. Raman Schlemmer's great passion, knowledge and endeavours has enabled new generations to experience and appreciate Oskar Schlemmer, both the artist and the man. He participates regularly in international conferences on provenance research and authenticity of art works.

In 2016, C. Raman Schlemmer curated the ground breaking, visionary exhibition “Oskar Schlemmer. L’homme qui danse” at Centre Pompidou Metz, France. He introduced new design forms and light concepts to present the artworks. These installation solutions have since been adopted by museums exhibition works by Oskar Schlemmer. In October 2019, the year of the centenary of the foundation of the Bauhaus School in Weimar, C. Raman Schlemmer produced and directed “Bauhaus Dances” in London, a dance performance by a Schlemmer Triad of three dancers, in recreated costumes and masks. This dance performance had its premiere in Germany in January 2020 in the context of the solo exhibition of Filip Markiewicz at Kunsthalle Osnabrück.

C. Raman Schlemmer, of Indo-German descent, anthropologist, has curated and coordinated exhibitions on ancient, tribal and contemporary Indian art for the Festival of India, commissioned by the Government of India.

He is the son of the painter C. Paran and U. Jaïna Schlemmer, a stage and costume designer. She is the daughter of Tut and Oskar Schlemmer and expert on her father’s work. C. Paran is the grandson of C. Krishna Vakyil, as well as of the designer Paul Haustein and Johanna Haustein, a musician and poetess. C. Raman Schlemmer is a life member of INTACH and a member of CIMAM.

Raman was portrayed among others by photographers and artists Robert Mapplethorpe,
Duane Michals, Andy Warhol, Gitty Darugar, René Burri, Alberto Garcia Alix, and portrayed
by Thomas Huber and K. P. Krishnakumar

C. Raman wears clothes designed by Irié, Issey Miyake IM Men Aoyama, Vivek Narang,

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